What does it measure?

The Natural Church Development survey measures the church's relative health in eight areas that have been demonstrated to have a clear correlation with healthy church growth known as Quality Characteristics.

The survey consists of about 80 questions to be answered by 30 church members who are active in ministry, involved in some kind of small group life, and who are considered by the pastor to be at the center of church life, plus a questionnaire to be filled out by the senior pastor. This data is computer scored to generate scores for each of the eight quality characteristics showing how much above or below the national norms the church's scores are in each of the eight Quality Characteristics.

The Eight Essential Quality Characteristics

These descriptions are adapted with permission from Natural Church Development by Christian A. Schwarz (ChurchSmart 1996) and The Implementation Guide to Natural Church Development by Christian A. Schwarz and Christoph Schalk (ChurchSmart 1998).

What is Natural Church Development?

Interpreting Your Natural Church Development scores

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