Apprenticeship Training for Church Consultants

If you are interested in becoming a church consultant, or if you are an independent consultant considering joining a team, this outlines the process for becoming part of our consulting team.

If your church is considering using the services of Living Stones, this gives you a window into our screening and training process for our consultants. So far as we know, we are the only church consulting team in North America that has such a comprehensive apprenticeship process for our consultants. We believe our approach to screening and training team members is at the heart of Living Stones' consistent effectiveness in equipping churches for healthy growth.

The Prospects

The Process

Why an Apprenticeship Approach to Training?

We believe that the skills of an effective church consultant cannot be learned in a classroom or in seminars; they can only be learned through apprenticeship and personal ministry experience. We believe that attending seminars or classes and reading books are important aspects of the apprenticeship, but only if they are components of the training that takes place in "real life." When an apprentice candidate comes to us with degrees in ministry-related fields, we regard that as an indicator of the person’s passion more than as a credential for the work. We do not assume that an advanced degree makes a person more qualified for this work.

Not only is this the approach we take to leadership development within LSA; this is also the approach to developing ministry leaders that we teach in the churches we work with. We are living out and exemplifying what we believe to be a biblical model for leadership development.

If, understanding all this, you are interested in exploring a relationship with Living Stones, send us your resume and a letter explaining why you are interested in Living Stones, and we’ll go from there.